We Are Family couldn’t do all that we do without our amazing supporters and volunteers! We want to give a very special thanks to all past and current donors.

Below reflects a list of We Are Family supporters from 2015.


William S. Abell Foundation
Episcopal Hunger Fund
Corina Higginson Trust
Progression Place Community Development Initiative Fund
Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Edna Wardlaw Charitable Fund
Helen Wardman Naselli Memorial Fund


Amazon Smile
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Black Cat Club
Brighter Days
Chevy Chase Trust
Contactually, Inc.
Dischord Records
Dr. Bronner’s
John Shore Photography
LionSky Publishing
Miss Pixie’s Furnishings & Whatnot
MTI Engineering and Testing, Inc.
Nightclub 9:30/IMP Productions
Northrop Grumman Employees Charity Organization
Reingold LINK
Runin Out, Inc.
Somerset Development Company
Wax Trax! Records


FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program

Community Partners

Blessed Sacrament
Caldwell Catholic Community
Charity Partners Foundation
Community of Christ
Damaged City LLC
District Sports
DC Beit Midrash
EU Run
Foo Fighters
Free Children of Earth
Hearst Elementary School
Murch Elementary School
Northwest Settlement House
Positive Force DC
St. Albans School
Resident Council of Sibley Plaza


Melina Afzal
Michael Akin
James Albino
Paula Alexander
Margaret Andersen
Mark Andersen and Tulin Ozdeger
Joey and Amy Aronstamn
MacKenzie Baris
Yvonne Baskerville
Mona Baumgarten
Colin Bill
James Blitz
Matthew Bowen
Erin and Bill Bradley
Suzanne and Edwin Bradley
Elana Brochin
Easter Brown
Heather Campbell
Brendan Casey
Alexis Cates
Mary Clark
Rachel Cloud Watts
Cate & Amy Cohen
Amasie Coleman
Betty Coleman
David Combs
Matthew Connolly
Marion Davis
Peg Debell
Marie Dennis
Nicole Dery
Michael Dimyan
Brian Duss
Steve Eiken
Ben Firschein
Lois Fischbeck
Kristin Foti
Fred & Domenica Simms
Aquene Freechild
Helen French
Jenifer Golson
Eric Goode
Stacey and Jeremy Grant
Harrison Grayson
Patrick & Abbey Griffin
Dave Grohl
Linda Hartman
Katja Hering
Saul Hernandez and Megan Kuhn
Alan Heymann and Lindy Russell-Heymann
Mary Hix
Matt Hix
Michael Hix
Greg Hymel
Broderick Isom
Sharon Jensen
Darius and Carol Kanga
Craig Keenan
Thomas Keenan
Maureen Kelly
Josiah Groff and Celeste Kennell-Shank Groff
Julianne Kettleman
Beth Kevles
Michael Kreft
Sue Kuhn
Sonali Kumar
Gillian Laurence
Anne Law
Chris Lawhorn
Sevim and Kwon Lee
Carl Levan and Monica Arciga
Rachel Levinson
Ivan Lewis
Alena Lira
Benjamin Lownik
Bill MacKaye
Rubina Madni
Charlotte Manning
Charlie McBride
Brigid McDermott
Katherine Milikin
Paula Miller
Diane Minor
Eugene Montague
Dorothy Moore
Emily Morrison
Travis Morrison and Katherine Goldstein
Bruce Moyer
Michael Moyles
Danielle Newman
Louis Nistler
Joseph O’Brien
Katy Otto
Jessica Owens
Doris & Huseyin Ozdeger,
Mary Paige
Jacqueline Parham
James Pasquale
Dolores Perillan
Guy Picciotto
Marsha Platnick
Suzanne Porter
Ruth Priest
Carl Proper
Lowell Ranger
Calista and Christian Redmond
Hilda Reynolds
John Reynolds
Chris Richter
Ben Rickelman
Caitlyn Robins
Margaret Ross
Adam Rothman and Marian Currinder
Louise Ryan
Julie Schmidt
Chris Schneidmiller
Noel Schroeder
Henning Schumann
Jonathan Scolnik
John Seager
Christina Shin
John Shore
Kathleen Shouse
Matt Siblo and Lori Procelli
Norman Simms
Alex and Ben Slade
Donna Snyder
Fred Solowey
David Steinberg
Blanche Stokes
Laurna Strikwerda
Geordie Stutzman and Emily Oster
Gertrude Sundsted
Deidre Swesnik and Nathan Trail
Damian Thomas
Joseph Thompson
Dale Tischmak
Mary Travers-Griesche
Becky Troth and Chris Wright
Kevin Tucker
Priscilla Verdun
B. Wardlaw
Emma Washington
Ron and Cathleen Watkins
Erin and Mike West
Kerry White
Sally White
Arvonia Williams
Laura Winn
Allison Wittrock
Ned and Joan Woodward
Mark Wright
Heidi Yacker
Diane Yawn
Jonathan Yoder
Debra Zanewich
Sally and Anders Zeijlon