Housing!MonroeStreegraffitti2005We Are Family knows that services alone are not sufficient to meet the needs of our seniors. We must stand with them, working to build power so that they know their rights, are organized, have allies, and thus are able to defend themselves and their homes. For example, it is not sufficient to give a grocery bag to a senior who is in danger of displacement or eviction due to gentrification; we have to fight to ensure they are able to stay in their home communities to benefit from the changes.


Advocacy in the snow

Co-Director Mark Andersen joins in protest of cuts to social programs on Capitol Hill

As a result, We Are Family provides organizing and leadership training assistance, bringing seniors to participate in community meetings, protests, and city council hearings. We help to magnify the voices of our seniors, to make sure that they are heard and heeded. In general we strive to stand with low-income seniors and all marginalized or at-risk residents through our own work as well as membership in groups like The Fair Budget Coalition, Housing For All and Senior Advisory Coalition.